All products are sold new and are covered under the ACCC Warranties act.  We provide a 3 year new replacement for all faulty products or a like for like replacement at our discretion. This does not cover deliberate or otherwise damage caused by the user. 

Damage caused by delivery of a product, should not be accepted and returned to us for new replacement. Once the user has accepted the product / opened or used. the cost of return will be on the user, we then inspect the return and deliver a new unit.  


All products have a delivery cost attached unless removed by Content Inception, or at times using a valid coupon code. This is a fixed cost metric for anywhere in Australia per unit. 


We understand you may have second thoughts or change of mind, please contact us to to arrange a suitable outcome 


If you have questions please contact us at, we’ll try and get back to you ASAP 

Content Inceptions is a registered business ABN 23280665047