Enterprise hardware for the home

Home based servers, for now and the future, upgradable and created how you want, for the purpose you need.

Reducing Ewaste

We’ve designed our servers to be re-usable, any MATX motherboard size will do!

Endless Storage Capacity

Buy or BYO raid card for 8 SAS / SATA bays, upgrade your NAS storage to what you need when you need

Keep your data safe

Make your own Cloud, Game / Media Server. It’s what you want it to be




A custom NAS based PC solution, small and compact with the ability to upgrade as you deem fit. The removable back-end test-bed slides out for you to test, modify, upgrade before sliding back into the main case to connect the 8 bay dedicated NAS, the 8 drive bays can hold both 3.5” and 2.5”solid state and mechanical drives, run by a dedicated raid card. it has 3 high air flow fans and a basic fan modulator if required, it’s ready for home, business or corporate use, this NAS PC can be made to be whatever you choose, basic NAS, main server, games PC. It’s up to you! MATX motherboard or smaller consider the correct ATX power supply for you purpose. *Raid card not included *Not 100% sure what to build? Pre-built systems available, contact us!



1and0 is a handy 1RU (rack unit) device that allows multiple connections for quick and easy access, including USB 3, card readers, LAN, HDMI, VGA, USB C, with a single USB C type plug to connect to your source motherboard or etc. Very handy for any environment – USB C port should not be used for charging devices only data

Raid Card


We recommend this basic PCIe x8 raid card that will simply work with any SATA drive connected, correct cables are supplied that will connect from this card to the NAS backplane. Raid cards including this one require constant airflow.



Toolb0x is a custom sized 9Ru (Rack Unit) solution designed to hold our servers, and is filled with ventilation holes customised to fit intake or exhaust fans, so modify it however you like.



The Extra Stuff we think you might need, A fan regulator – our Custom NAS case comes with enterprise level fans that can be quite loud A SATA power to Molex power adaptor x 2 does your ATX power supply have molex? Fan cable extensions to reach the regulator if required, A mouse mat